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Monday, May 28, 2012

Andrew Carnegie and Success

My Inspiration:    Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was a poverty stricken boy in Scotland who began working at two cents per hour and finally gave away three hundred and sixty-million dollars. He attended school for only four year, yet somehow managed to climb way ahead of those who had decades of formal education.

What was the reason for Carnegie's success?

He was nicknamed "The Steel King"; yet he knew little about the manufacturing of steel. Instead he had hundreds of men working for him who knew far more about steel than he did.

It is believed that the Key to Andrew Carnegie's success was his ability to handle people. After all, that is the root of all business. He just took that talent viral in everything he did. He showed respect to people, no matter what their class, or position. 
There was a time when he and George Pullman were battling for supremacy in the car business, Carnegie controlled The Central Transportation Company and was fighting with the company that Pullman owned.

 Both were fighting to get the non active care business of he Union Pacific Railroad, butting heads, cutting prices, and literally destroying profit. Both these men had gone to New York to see the board of directors of the Union Pacific, trying to gain leverage.

One evening they met in the St. Nicholas Hotel, Carnegie immediately pointed out the advantages of working together instead of against each other. He knew that the power struggle was destructive, expensive, and wanted to merge interests, so he described all the benefits of a merger with Pullman still unconvinced, asking what the company would be called, Carnegie was quick to say, "The Pullman Palace Car Company." And the rest is history.

Andrew Carnegie's genius was to remember and honor names, and could call many of his laborers by their first names; and as a result, very few, if any strikes disturbed his thriving steel mills.

He even went out of his way to praise his employees publicly, as well as privately. 
Anyone who has had an unappreciative boss who harps on the minor things, while ignoring your great accomplishments will know that resentment and eventually, indifference result from being under appreciated.

Remember to acknowledge talent honestly and thoroughly, and it will always want to perform at the highest level.

Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Make Passive Income Online

Many people are starting to look into making a passive income.

This is a great idea.  

If you are one of these people,  pat yourself on the back because you are thinking like a true millionaire.


If you have a day job that you do not wish to quit, and are not ready to turn you life upside down by starting a blog and selling books, I highly recommend signing up with Hubpages.

 I just call it bonusbucks. , because I created a few articles with this site and have made a decent monthly salary every month. Once the work is done, it sits on the internet and you are making money while out fishing, or boating, while people who are at home on their computers are clicking on your links to Amazon and eBay.

The way it works is, you write an article about something that interests you. It could be a "how to" article or even a personal story, and you earn a few cents when people visit your sites. If you place Ads by Amazon, you will be paid my Amazon when people click on their books, or by eBay when someone follows your link to their auction.

  It takes some effort to get stated, but this is truly the easiest way to introduce yourself to making money online. You will discover that this site simplifies the basic grammar of profiting online that you will build on if you continue to other avenues of online business. Be sure to Google "hubpages success stories" for inspiration, but first sign up at bonusbucks.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was once working in a miserable office with a group of girls.
 We were all going nowhere, and struggled to pay our bills. 
I left the office because I did not want to be in a dead end job for the rest of my life. 
I began spending quite some time reading books and planning a strategy that would put an end to the misery of punching a time clock and battling desperate, jealous females all day long.

 The problem was that I wanted a good income, but did not want a job. I hate having a job and working for someone else. I had spent enough years feeling under appreciated and overworked to know that there was no real satisfaction in giving my time, energy and creativity to someone else, only to have those around me who lack my level of talent, resent me desperately enough to spend their "on the clock hours", trying to make the big boss think that they are the ones who have the brains and talent and I am the one who can't do anything.

Sound familiar?
If you are above average in either your looks, talent, intelligence, or creativity, you have experienced exactly what I have presented here.

 You don't necessarily need to have more than one of these traits, just one of them, and the average workers are out to get you.
I moved on in life by going to school and getting a job with educated professionals.  It did not take long to realize that I was in the same boat.  As soon as my talent starts to show,  people begin to feel inadequate and conspire to cause trouble. I am not one who wishes to dominate others, and I really don't care to fight about anything, and this makes me even more of a target.
My ego does not ask for accolades, and when I realize that others can not do things as quickly or efficiently as I do,  it is not something I use to attack them with.  I just want to be peaceful,  and that is like asking for the world when working with others.
I decided that if I am talented, and intelligent to a point that others are afraid of me in the work place, then I must really have something.  I should be the one to profit from my talent.

I now make more money than I ever have, and I do not have a job.  Life actually feels good for a change.  This is the way it is suppose to feel. I wake up feeling good, and don't have to wonder what is happening behind my back.
I can really relate to Sara Palin being "palinized", by the media, because I went through this at my office. I would show up early and work hard and when the others would finally show up, I was polite to them. Lunch time would come around and they would say, "you have been working a lot more than we have, you should go ahead and take lunch," and when I would go, they would spread the word that I left because I am irresponsible and don't care about the job. This was propaganda to make the boss think that I was a problem and to keep him from ever becoming aware of my skills.  I have heard very similar stories from others since this happened to me.
This blog is dedicated to helping motivate those who are being chewed up by their mediocre co-workers, and want to make changes. Wouldn't it be great if you too could leave your co-workers behind and become an online millionaire? I hope you can use this blog to launch yourself into something better, at the very least.
Remember; if co-workers are so intimidated by you, and afraid that their boss is going to notice you are the superior one,  then you must be very special, and therefore too good to be working for someone else.
 This scenario also means that someone is getting rich off of your talents, while you are being beaten up for them. It's time for you to profit from your talent.