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What is RSS Feed? Here is an Explanation

Set Up RSS Feed

Learn how to use RSS feed if you have a blog or write for any online sites, such as Hubpages.
RSS stands for Real Simple Syndication, and is a file created by using a programming language called XML that can send your blog's content information to one place. The file is updated when new posts are made to your blog, therefore the content is always updated without you having to manually visit each site. Having an RSS Feed on your blog is extremely useful for 2 good reasons. To access blog content and allow subscriptions.
An Example of RSS feed is at the bottom of this article where it reads, "latest hubs." I simply copied and pasted my RSS feed, so that those 3 hubs that you see will constantly be streaming and updating every time I make a post.

Two Reasons to Have RSS

1) It is a standardized format, which means many different software platforms, websites, and devices can access your blog's content, no matter what platform you are on.
2) It allows subscriptions, when your content is updated, those who have subscribed to your feed will be notified of the update without you having to go anywhere else.
These two features make RSS feed extremely important and valuable to website and blog owners, because it is an easy way for both people and websites to see the latest content on your blog without having to think about visiting the your site each day. This unobtrusively keeps your blog on their minds, resulting in more page views for you.
Through this simple "pushing through" syndication of your blog's content, an RSS feed is an excellent way of staying connected with your blog audience, and promoting your feed to attract new readers.
The most common way that people interface with an RSS feed is through an RSS reader, also known as an aggregator or feed reader. In the RSS reader interface, content is usually shown in the form of post headlines, and summaries, similar to email inbox. Then as with email, you click the headline to read the entire post, which opens up in a new window.
If you are using a major blogging platform such as blogger or WordPress, your RSS feed is automatically created and updated as you add new content. However, the degree to which you promote your feed to gain more readers is up to you. Be sure to include an RSS link on your blog home page so that people can subscribe to your feed. If you don't, you will be losing a large percentage of your followers.
Many blogging software tools will allow you to add feed through the inclusion of an RSS widget into your blog interface. Google's Blogger has such an option. Just go to layout, and click on one of the gadgets on the right side, and scroll to RSS links, not the first one you see that says Feed, Keep scrolling until you see the orange RSS symbol with a green plus symbol on it. Besides including this link on your blog, you can also add it to your website, e-mail signature, and anywhere else you have a presence.

Social RSS (Facebook)

This is one of the most popular applications on Facebook. You may use this to add your blogs and live Twitter updates to your personal profile, or facebook fanpage.
This keeps your content on the site fresh and updated, while driving traffic to your website.


All major blogging platforms generate an RSS to your blog, and this feature can be further leveraged through management tools. Tools can enrich your feed, and assist in monitization.
  • Google's FeedBurner allows you to customize titles and descriptions
  • Allows you to see who is clicking on your feed
  • Integrates with Google AdSense to monetize traffic
  • Includes an email subscription
  • Allows readers to bookmark your feed on Digg
  • Notifies major blog feeds, such as yahoo, and Technorati, Newsgator and Bloglines
  • Integrates well with Google everything, because it is owned by Google

Create A Podcast RSS feed

An important feature of Podcasts is that they allow users to subscribe to RSS feed.
Podcasts would be viewed less than half as much as they are if it were not for RSS feed. The way it is accomplished is through the creation of an RSS feed that is based on the MP3 file of your Podcast. Your Podcast feed contains a link to the title and description, information about the episode. The feed URL is submitted to a podcast directory, and then when someone subscribes to your podcast, their feed Readers, such as Google Reader or My Yahoo, automatically download new Podcasts as they become available.
You may create RSS feed for your Podcast in a variety of ways. If you are already using a site such as ClickCaster, or MyPodcast to create, publish, and host your podcasts, or if you are using recording software like GarageBand, your RSS feed will be created automatically for you. But, to create RSS feed yourself, you can use FeedBurner or you can use separate RSS creators like FeedForAll, that may offer more features than the free software packages can offer. There are also plug ins if you are hosting with Blogger or WordPress to generate podcast feed

Monday, August 13, 2012

Day Trading, and Investing

Day trading is a misunderstood and often miss-used term. Day trading is the practice of holding positions open for short periods of time during the trading day with the goal of accruing small, but numerous, profits. Usually it means that you exit all positions at the end of the trading day and return to the market with a fresh slate the next day. What it doesn't mean is that you trade every day or that you open positions at the open of the trading day no matter what. 
When day trading, you will still need to keep basic trading principles in mind, such as picking good entry and exit points, placing protective stops, managing your money, and using technical analysis. And you still need to keep an eye on the news and on the overall trends of the markets.

Intermediate-term trading

Traditionally, intermediate-term trading means that you hold a position for several weeks to several months, which ultimately is impractical in the futures markets, where volatility can lead to margin calls and where leverage makes holding positions for extended periods extremely dangerous.
So, in the futures markets, intermediate is more likely to mean several days and is more often referred to as position trading, where you use a longer-term time frame as your reference point for keeping a position open.

Long-term trading

Long-term trading is impractical in the futures markets, unless you're extremely well capitalized, and you're hedging your business. When that is the case, however, you can use contracts that are several months to even years ahead as your positions as long as you're mindful of expiration dates and other parameters.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

The Best Ways to Make Money Online Blog

It is important to make use of your computer to earn extra money. One of the keys to becoming wealthy is to make as much money as you possibly can by making use of your down time.

The way we make a lot of money is, number one, with a business. But when we are not in the office, and our staff is at home, what are we doing? Hopefully not just paying rent on the office building.

If you are one of those entrepreneurs who needs to have something going on at all times, working the online scene is right up your ally.

There are a number of ways to do this, and I have spent the past several months working on numerous sites in order to post what I see as the very best ways to earn money online.

The very first thing to do before starting any of these online ventures is to open an e-mail account specifically for your online work. I find it easier to keep track of, and it eliminates all the numerous business e-mails being lost in all the personal fluff.
  1. CashCrate is a very good way to earn money if you are in school, or for some reason are spending a lot of time at home and need to do something other than have a job. On this site you take surveys or complete tasks for money. It is an honest, and clean site that is quick to mail a check when earnings reach $20 or more.  To join click here
  2. Inboxdollars is a site very similar to CashCrate, I just happen to like it better because of the layout. Some people try to work both at the same time, as I did, while others experiment with both at first, and then stick with the one the like best.  Inboxdollars will also pay by check after you have reached a threshold of at least $30. This site gives a lot of incentives which can often result in your getting paid more often. To join Inboxdollars click here.
  3. MyLot is a very unusual site that has taken me some time to get used to.  I have to give this site a lot of credit because I did not like it at first,  and found it too awkward to navigate.  I also hated the fact that they throw surveys at you every time you log on, however, you can just keep the survey's by hitting "skip offer" repeatedly until you are back in your account. You can actually make good money easily here. It took me some time to figure this out.  What do I mean by good money? Well, after I dissed this site as being a waste of time, I was in the doctor's office sitting in the waiting room. I hate waiting for doctors more than anything else because it is such a waste of my time. I am forever thinking of all the productive things that I could be doing.  At this particular time I remembered MyLot, and took out my iPad and started asking and answering questions. My thought was that at least I was making pennies instead of nothing while I was waiting. Well, I continued using this site when ever I was left waiting in the car for someone, or standing in line for something. Just about when ever I was mindlessly standing around, and all those idle moments have resulted in my earning approximately $25 per day passively. Yes, all that stupid talking on the MyLot site is making money for me as I write this post. I highly recommend giving this site a chance. If you are a student, and have time in your class while waiting for your teacher to walk in the room, or long lunch hours that are wasting your time, this is the site. To join MyLot click this link.
  4. Hubpages is a favorite of mine because it is a writing site that actually works. As this whole thing was an experiment of mine for my blog, I decided to be the entrepreneur that I am and come up with a goal. I knew that if I were to write 50 Hubs, it would not amount to anything. I had to treat this like I would any other business. I decided to conquer 200 Hubs as quickly as I could. When I thought of a topic, I would write it down, and when sitting idle, I would write passages. In 4 months I had 200 Hubs, and was earning $180 per month. That may not seem like much, but those are all new Hubs that have not had time to mature. After these hubs mature, they will be bringing in anywhere from $800-$2,000, depending on a number of factors. I will continue to post what my results on this site are over the next few months. To join Hubpages click hubzz. 
  5. InfoBarrel- This is a site that is like Hubpages. The reason I recommend it is that it lends variety and con be used to link to your Hubpages. This will give your articles more visibility and help you to earn more money in the future. To join InfoBarrel click here.
  6. WebAnswers- This is another site that I was very surprised by. I had no idea that so much money could be made by asking and answering questions. One of the beauties of this site is that it helps you become accepted by AdSense. You must first answer a few questions for free. This is your trial period, and then they will accept you as long as you did your best to answer questions professionally. I actually made more money on this site within one month than I did at Hubpages. This is a great time to join the site because it is still in the "beta"stage, and they are trying to recruit as many people as possible by paying generously. to join WebAnswers StartHere

To Keep Yourself Inspired check out this:  Andrew Carnegie, John D. Rockefeller, and J. Paul Getty.

How To Make Millions Online & At Home

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How To Make Money Online From Your Own Home

There are many ways to make good money online these days. Here are a few of the very best sites to launch your online business. Hubpages, Bukisa, Squidoo.  Make a lot of money online by beginning as quickly as possible, and with diligence, you can become one of the many people who are actually making millions online.  

To begin, it is best to focus on how to make some extra money.

Here Are Some Useful Sites To Get Started Making Money Fast

Sign Up For All Of These Sites and Decide Wich Ones Suit You Best

If you have never attempted to make money online before, give yourself time to learn. Be patient, and join a few sites. This is the fastest way to understand how money is made online and you will quickly see which sites are paying you the most and which ones you should leave alone.
Start an email that you use specifically for your online work. Some sites will email you when your "friends" have just published something, and it gets to become a nuisance.
My advice to you after you have your new email is to follow the links I have provided here, and write down all the information, you user name and passwords, and do something with each of them right away. This way, you will get your feet wet, and you will already feel comfortable with certain sites, and others may not seem that interesting to you.
There are many ways to make money on the internet today. If you are in school and just don't have the time to get up and drive to a job where you will have to put your books aside for as long as you are on the clock, a stay at home mom with a little time to spare, or if you are ready to give up your day job and make big bucks online, the internet is full of many avenues for you to begin your internet journey of making money from home.
1) First, there are online survey  taking sites that pay a small amount for the completion of a survey. you may take as many surveys as you would like, and this can amount to extra spending money each month. Some of my classmates were able to complete a few surveys while in class, just before the teacher walked in, and finished a few more during lunch.

Here Are Some Useful Sites To Get Started Making Money FastSign Up For All Of These Sites and Decide Wich Ones Suit You Best

If you have never attempted to make money online before, give yourself time to learn. Be patient, and join a few sites. This is the fastest way to understand how money is made online and you will quickly see which sites are paying you the most and which ones you should leave alone.
Start an email that you use specifically for your online work. Some sites will email you when your "friends" have just published something, and it gets to become a nuisance.
My advice to you after you have your new email is to follow the links I have provided here, and write down all the information, you user name and passwords, and do something with each of them right away. This way, you will get your feet wet, and you will already feel comfortable with certain sites, and others may not seem that interesting to you.
There are many ways to make money on the internet today. If you are in school and just don't have the time to get up and drive to a job where you will have to put your books aside for as long as you are on the clock, a stay at home mom with a little time to spare, or if you are ready to give up your day job and make big bucks online, the internet is full of many avenues for you to begin your internet journey of making money from home.
1) First, there are online survey  taking sites that pay a small amount for the completion of a survey. you may take as many surveys as you would like, and this can amount to extra spending money each month. Some of my classmates were able to complete a few surveys while in class, just before the teacher walked in, and finished a survey.

Here Are Some Reputable Survey Taking Sites

These Are Great For Earning a Little Cash, However, It is Really Difficult to Get Much More than Pocket Money Out of Them

  • Cash Crate Contains an endless amount of surveys and games that bring in a few cents to one dollar about minutes.
  • Inboxdollars This is very similar to Cash Crate, but, I like it a little better because they tend to give more incentives.
  • MyLot - This is a strange one, but I can not complain because I still use it. I don't like how awkward it is to navigate the site, and the fact that when logging in they try to make you take surveys. If you join this one simply click "ignore" for about 4-5 surveys and then you will be okay. I like to use this when I am in a predicament where having nothing to do, such as waiting for someone. I simply log on with my phone and instead of taking surveys, I answer questions and chat. Believe it or not, you get paid for talking just the way you do on Facebook, not much, but it makes me feel better when I am in a situation where I feel like I could be productive, but I am stuck waiting.

Top Writing Sites

If You Believe That You Can Write, These Sites Pay You for Writing Stories, and Delivering Information

Some people choose to write fiction, others are excel in wring instructional articles, the choice is yours.
  • Hubpages- This is a favorite writing site because it pays very well once you have written a few "hubs". It is a wise idea to include this one in your group of ways to make money online just click hubzz and publish something as soon as possible. You will want to start an AdSense account and it will take time for them to accept you. ***Note-the way you make money is trough advertising on your pages. If you cannot get accepted in the AdSense program right away there are other affiliates that will pay you for ads right away. Click here to see some affiliates you can also apply for.
  • Squidoo- I am listing it here, but I don't recommend working with it right away because it is more complex that most other writing platforms. After joining Bukisa, Infobarrel, and Hubpages, Squidoo may become a site that you absolutely love, but the only people I have seen become in tune with this site right away are the very artsy and techie people. I am just starting to appreciate it, but this is after writing for other sites for a few months.
  • Infobarrel- I just got started with it, but I have heard nothing but great reviews from writers who have made a very handsome monthly income from infobarrel. Also, when I Google subjects that I am interested in, I have noticed that infobarrel articles come up a lot. That is truly a good sign. Sign up for infobarrel by clicking here.
  • Bukisa is a great place to start writing because it is so laid back and un-intimidating. You can add any affiliates you would like and you are in business. To join Bukisa click Join Bukisa, and begin writing in a low stress environment. The only issue I have with this site is that it does not seem to get the high-ranking of Hubpages and Infobarrel, and therefore less clicks. However, remember you can always link these pages to your Infobarrel pages after you feel as though you have gotten the hang of writing and publishing online.
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Write and Publish eBooks 
Writing eBooks for Major Profit

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Join Hubpages To Increase Blog Traffic & Gain Search Engine Rank

One of the best places to begin your online business career is Hubpages.

Hubpages is a site that allows one to write an article about hobbies, interests, or educational subjects. It is the best paying, and easiest to work for writing site on the internet.

If you are planning to start a blog or sell eBooks, joining Hubpages will significantly increase your earnings, by driving traffic from your hubzz to your blog.

The reason it works so well is, if you start a blog today know one will know that you have that blog and it will take a lot of marketing and promoting to get your new blog noticed. Hubpages is a community that is ranked very favorably in Google search engines. By writing hubzz and linking them to your blog you will already have a small amount of traffic. Also, having articles that are linked to your blog will further increase your blogs popularity.

Don't waste any more time. Click hubzz to sign up and start cranking out articles.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

The blog to watch if you are interested in becoming a millionaire without going to school for years, and raking up debt.
I have associated with multimillionaires an billionaires here in La Jolla California, and over the many years of learning from the best, I have many formulas for how to get rich. It is easy for me to see how these people continue to grow their wealth, while the poor and middle class continue to create more debt.
My personal goal is to help others who struggle the way I used to, become financially independent.
My financial goal is also for you to become financially independent, because there is plenty to go around, and the more rich people there are out there, the better it is for me. If you don't yet understand why that is, you have some learning to do, and you have come to the right place.
Best Regards

Advice For The Beginning Blogger

There are so many new things to take on when deciding to quit your job and make money online. It is wise to do three new things the first month, and from then on add just two more major things per month. All depends of course on how desperate for money you are from the beginning.

Do not ignore anything! Online businesses are the same as any other business. You must delve into it with a burning desire to succeed. After you have been at it for some time, you will be able to direct you business the way you feel works best for you. When starting out, you must try a podcast, youtube, social bookmarking and everything else there is.

Understanding ways to increase traffic to your blog is a good thing to begin working on immediately, because if you have no traffic, you will quickly lose enthusiasm. So I would recommend posting blog articles and networking as two of the things to focus on during your first month as a blogger.

Don't go over your head with a blog if you are in the dark as to how it all works. You will have to many things to juggle at once, with the learning of a complex blog platform and the whole marketing, and managing a blog are way too much for the beginning blogger. I highly recommend Google Blogger, the user friendly platform. That is the platform that I still choose even though I have a busy and successful blog. (I have a lot of traffic, and will have to figure something out soon) But, Blogger can take you a long way and cost you nothing.

After you have started blogging and are gradually getting the hang of things check out these articles to help you make the most of your blog articles.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

About Blogging

Starting a blog is a great way to begin your journey to making money online. I firmly believe that one avenue is never good enough. If working from home with your own business is what you want, then be sure and diversify. If you are not sure where to being read what you can on how to start a blog. Don't become weighed down by this, and put off beginning just because you do not know everything. The best way to begin making money online is to just start doing it. You can always make minor adjustments later on.

I do recommend blogger for beginners because blogger is the user friendly blogging platform. Because of this you will gain confidence and begin making creative blogs a lot quicker than you can with other platforms.

As soon as you start blogging read all about driving traffic to your blog. This will certify that you will start to see a little bit of money coming in right away. This is a great way to keep you motivated.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

The Quickest And Easiest Way To Earn Online

 Here is The Absolute Quickest Way To Get Some Substantial  Passive Income Online;

For those of you who are interested in starting a blog, and intend to make your  full time income from your computer, I strongly suggest that you join Hubpages.

I was earning $2 per day from Hubpages after only 3 months. This may not seem like anything to write home about, but If you have tried to make money online in the past you will know that this is a  very impressive income in a short period of time. 

You can link your Hubpages to your blog posts as a way of generating an audience, and increasing Google search rank. The Hubpages community is full of writers who are willing to help you out by reading your articles, and networking.

To get started writing on Hubpages click hubzz and open your profile. Make sure that you post something every day. You can become an online millionaire, but not by being lazy. When I joined, I posted at least one article per day. Every time you have an idea, got to your computer and write a hub about it. The thing to remember is to just get it out there. The longer it sits in the search engines, the more hits you will get. 

Many people are just to nit picky about their posts. I am not suggestion that you post junk, but, you should not be a perfectionist. 

I recall that I was writing about the William Desmond Taylor murder, and as I was writing, I thought about some other information that I needed to look up just to make the story even better, but I published the story and, at a later time I went back to detail it out. 

This is a method that allows you to make the most money you possibly can as quickly as possible, because quantity is very important.

So, don't waste any more time. Signupnowfree

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Andrew Carnegie and Success

My Inspiration:    Andrew Carnegie

Andrew Carnegie was a poverty stricken boy in Scotland who began working at two cents per hour and finally gave away three hundred and sixty-million dollars. He attended school for only four year, yet somehow managed to climb way ahead of those who had decades of formal education.

What was the reason for Carnegie's success?

He was nicknamed "The Steel King"; yet he knew little about the manufacturing of steel. Instead he had hundreds of men working for him who knew far more about steel than he did.

It is believed that the Key to Andrew Carnegie's success was his ability to handle people. After all, that is the root of all business. He just took that talent viral in everything he did. He showed respect to people, no matter what their class, or position. 
There was a time when he and George Pullman were battling for supremacy in the car business, Carnegie controlled The Central Transportation Company and was fighting with the company that Pullman owned.

 Both were fighting to get the non active care business of he Union Pacific Railroad, butting heads, cutting prices, and literally destroying profit. Both these men had gone to New York to see the board of directors of the Union Pacific, trying to gain leverage.

One evening they met in the St. Nicholas Hotel, Carnegie immediately pointed out the advantages of working together instead of against each other. He knew that the power struggle was destructive, expensive, and wanted to merge interests, so he described all the benefits of a merger with Pullman still unconvinced, asking what the company would be called, Carnegie was quick to say, "The Pullman Palace Car Company." And the rest is history.

Andrew Carnegie's genius was to remember and honor names, and could call many of his laborers by their first names; and as a result, very few, if any strikes disturbed his thriving steel mills.

He even went out of his way to praise his employees publicly, as well as privately. 
Anyone who has had an unappreciative boss who harps on the minor things, while ignoring your great accomplishments will know that resentment and eventually, indifference result from being under appreciated.

Remember to acknowledge talent honestly and thoroughly, and it will always want to perform at the highest level.

Monday, May 14, 2012

How to Make Passive Income Online

Many people are starting to look into making a passive income.

This is a great idea.  

If you are one of these people,  pat yourself on the back because you are thinking like a true millionaire.


If you have a day job that you do not wish to quit, and are not ready to turn you life upside down by starting a blog and selling books, I highly recommend signing up with Hubpages.

 I just call it bonusbucks. , because I created a few articles with this site and have made a decent monthly salary every month. Once the work is done, it sits on the internet and you are making money while out fishing, or boating, while people who are at home on their computers are clicking on your links to Amazon and eBay.

The way it works is, you write an article about something that interests you. It could be a "how to" article or even a personal story, and you earn a few cents when people visit your sites. If you place Ads by Amazon, you will be paid my Amazon when people click on their books, or by eBay when someone follows your link to their auction.

  It takes some effort to get stated, but this is truly the easiest way to introduce yourself to making money online. You will discover that this site simplifies the basic grammar of profiting online that you will build on if you continue to other avenues of online business. Be sure to Google "hubpages success stories" for inspiration, but first sign up at bonusbucks.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I was once working in a miserable office with a group of girls.
 We were all going nowhere, and struggled to pay our bills. 
I left the office because I did not want to be in a dead end job for the rest of my life. 
I began spending quite some time reading books and planning a strategy that would put an end to the misery of punching a time clock and battling desperate, jealous females all day long.

 The problem was that I wanted a good income, but did not want a job. I hate having a job and working for someone else. I had spent enough years feeling under appreciated and overworked to know that there was no real satisfaction in giving my time, energy and creativity to someone else, only to have those around me who lack my level of talent, resent me desperately enough to spend their "on the clock hours", trying to make the big boss think that they are the ones who have the brains and talent and I am the one who can't do anything.

Sound familiar?
If you are above average in either your looks, talent, intelligence, or creativity, you have experienced exactly what I have presented here.

 You don't necessarily need to have more than one of these traits, just one of them, and the average workers are out to get you.
I moved on in life by going to school and getting a job with educated professionals.  It did not take long to realize that I was in the same boat.  As soon as my talent starts to show,  people begin to feel inadequate and conspire to cause trouble. I am not one who wishes to dominate others, and I really don't care to fight about anything, and this makes me even more of a target.
My ego does not ask for accolades, and when I realize that others can not do things as quickly or efficiently as I do,  it is not something I use to attack them with.  I just want to be peaceful,  and that is like asking for the world when working with others.
I decided that if I am talented, and intelligent to a point that others are afraid of me in the work place, then I must really have something.  I should be the one to profit from my talent.

I now make more money than I ever have, and I do not have a job.  Life actually feels good for a change.  This is the way it is suppose to feel. I wake up feeling good, and don't have to wonder what is happening behind my back.
I can really relate to Sara Palin being "palinized", by the media, because I went through this at my office. I would show up early and work hard and when the others would finally show up, I was polite to them. Lunch time would come around and they would say, "you have been working a lot more than we have, you should go ahead and take lunch," and when I would go, they would spread the word that I left because I am irresponsible and don't care about the job. This was propaganda to make the boss think that I was a problem and to keep him from ever becoming aware of my skills.  I have heard very similar stories from others since this happened to me.
This blog is dedicated to helping motivate those who are being chewed up by their mediocre co-workers, and want to make changes. Wouldn't it be great if you too could leave your co-workers behind and become an online millionaire? I hope you can use this blog to launch yourself into something better, at the very least.
Remember; if co-workers are so intimidated by you, and afraid that their boss is going to notice you are the superior one,  then you must be very special, and therefore too good to be working for someone else.
 This scenario also means that someone is getting rich off of your talents, while you are being beaten up for them. It's time for you to profit from your talent.