Sunday, June 24, 2012

Advice For The Beginning Blogger

There are so many new things to take on when deciding to quit your job and make money online. It is wise to do three new things the first month, and from then on add just two more major things per month. All depends of course on how desperate for money you are from the beginning.

Do not ignore anything! Online businesses are the same as any other business. You must delve into it with a burning desire to succeed. After you have been at it for some time, you will be able to direct you business the way you feel works best for you. When starting out, you must try a podcast, youtube, social bookmarking and everything else there is.

Understanding ways to increase traffic to your blog is a good thing to begin working on immediately, because if you have no traffic, you will quickly lose enthusiasm. So I would recommend posting blog articles and networking as two of the things to focus on during your first month as a blogger.

Don't go over your head with a blog if you are in the dark as to how it all works. You will have to many things to juggle at once, with the learning of a complex blog platform and the whole marketing, and managing a blog are way too much for the beginning blogger. I highly recommend Google Blogger, the user friendly platform. That is the platform that I still choose even though I have a busy and successful blog. (I have a lot of traffic, and will have to figure something out soon) But, Blogger can take you a long way and cost you nothing.

After you have started blogging and are gradually getting the hang of things check out these articles to help you make the most of your blog articles.

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