Thursday, February 27, 2014

How to Get Rich Easily

I have been asked a few too many times now why I am not posting more ways to get rich and the honest answer to that is that I am too busy making money to think of helping out others. I know that sounds selfish but I get into these spurts that keep me far away from blogging.

I have decided to tell you one of my major systems for making money. First, let me tell you how my major steams of income are provided. I am a real estate agent. But,  I don't connect myself to an office and sell real estate as your typical agent does or I would be broke as so many agents are. I only sell commercial property and will only engage myself to do this with huge projects. So, I only use my real estate license, technically, once per year. I also flip homes when the market lends itself to that, and I buy and hold solid investment property.

If it sounds a little confusing I understand. Money must breed steadily before fancy projects are undertaken. This is why I am finally revealing my foundation to the public. I am a Legal Shield Associate...

If you don't know what Legal Shield is, it used to be called Pre Paid Legal, and its the vehicle that Travis Alexander used to gain his wealth. If you don't remember the name you will sure remember the story of Travis. He is the guy who was murdered by Jodi Arias.

Travis inadvertently gave Legal Shield some major publicity when Jodi murdered him because the public was curious. They wanted to know how this young man was able to purchase a five bedroom house and drive a BMW. The answer was not what people expected. Travis had no college education and was making approximately six figures as a Legal Shield Associate. Yes, he sold legal insurance to people, recruited friends, and strangers to join him in a multi level marketing business, and became rich.

The reason I have never talked about my association publicly with Legal Shield is that so many people will tell their pointless stories about a "pyramid scheme" and poo poo this method of making money without even giving it a try. I understand skeptical thinking and I can indulge in it too, but I have seen the benefits of selling legal insurance and recruiting others first hand. First of all, the money is not all about recruiting, its about the whole picture. I say this because I haven't told any of my friends that I do this and haven't recruited anyone one of them. I enjoy the satisfaction of helping people achieve things in life and therefore haven't recruited anyone who has not directly asked me for help. I honestly have discovered that Multi level marketing is the easiest way of becoming rich.

Yes, to start making money with Legal Shield you must pay around $150 to join. I put off joining Legal Shield for over one month because of this fee. I finally said, no pain no gain, and decided to get that money back ASAP. In hindsight I can look at what I originally spent and say, that this is far less than $150,000 for a serious college education and it has the same or better potential.

I am offering my link on this page to those who want to work with me in Legal Shield. Anyone who clicks this link and goes into my downline will be in direct contact with me. I will provide you with knowledge, skills and things that I have learned that Legal Shield itself does not even have. Please feel free to contact me here if you would like more information. My future goal is to spend all of my time helping others attain their life goals.. Legal Shield Associate sign up.  Scroll down to "Sell LegalShield" and click the Sign up.

Multi level marketing is something that I shied away from numerous times over the years because I always heard that "pyramid scheme" story attached to it. But, when I really looked into the system and how it works I realized that it is absolutely brilliant, and reminds me of when I first discovered compound interest. 

One of the reasons that so many people fail at MLM is that they get in with the wrong people who begin with the wrong attitude. In every MLM you will find winners and losers. Stick with the winners and you will become one too.

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